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Here are a few things we're already aware of: Version: 16.7 (Build 171020) Your feedback helps us improve.If you notice an issue, please click the "smiley-face" button in the top corner of the application to tell us what we can do better or what you like.If you are watching the sheet, the values simply appear. Translated into English, it takes the current cell (Active Cell) and selects the row that is one row down from the current row and in the same column. So if you want to stay in the current cell and read a value two columns to the right, you could use syntax like the following: If you are in cell D254, the code above will reference the cell F254 and read its value into the variable str My Value.

Filter column 1 to show only the values that you want to delete, outside of the table select the rows that are left visible and Delete Rows using "Ctrl & -" or the menu option on the Home Tab, Cells Group.

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This is still considered a preview of the next major version, so we expect to see some issues.

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