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"Of every clean beast you must take to yourself by sevens, the sire and its mate; and of every beast that is not clean just two, the sire and its mate; also of the flying creatures of the heavens by sevens, male and female, to preserve offspring alive on the surface of the entire earth." Genesis 7:2,3 Genesis says the ark housed a representative of every animal.Watchtower literature also claims every animal made it to the ark, when indoctrinating children.Others have been more liberal in estimating that 72 “kinds” of quadrupeds and less than 200 bird “kinds” were all that were required.

With this in mind some investigators have said that, had there been as few as 43 “kinds” of mammals, 74 “kinds” of birds, and 10 “kinds” of reptiles in the ark, they could have produced the variety of species known today.The ark is said to be 300 cubits, or 134 metres long (438 feet).It is only since the invention of steel shipbuilding that the size of ships has increased dramatically.Since adults are not as gullible as children, Watchtower has found it necessary to explain that "every" animal means only a very small subset of animals.Since fitting 2 of each animal is impossible, the Watchtower speculates that Noah did not need to take representatives of every species, but only of each "kind", a term taken from Genesis that the Watchtower claims refers to animal breeding boundaries.

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