Dating cheating spouses

For example, there’s a significant difference between someone who slipped up in a moment of weakness versus a serial cheater.

One of the things that we don’t like to talk about when it comes to relationships is that monogamy is to and that can be tricky to manage at times.

suddenly what seems clear-cut and simple is actually a lot more complicated.

So what’s the right choice when it comes to dealing with being cheated on? If your partner cheats on you, is it better to adopt a zero-tolerance policy or to put it all behind you?

Ignorance isn’t exactly bliss in this case but it’s a of a lot less painful. Despite the seeming obviousness of it, most infidelities about sex.

If you want to understand, then you don’t want the “whats” or “hows”, you want the “whys” – the motivation behind the affair. Cheat-proofing your relationship isn’t as simple as constantly upping the crazy sex you’re into or fucking your partner into a coma; in fact, this belief tends to end up assigning part of the blame to the other partner who’s been cheated on.

Yes, it’s easy to fall to temptation or impulse or poor judgement at one point or another; frequently, it’s how we learn.

The tale of someone slipping up after their inhibitions and judgement are lowered by a few drinks while out with friends is one of the most common stories out there.

So, too, are moments of weakness during times of conflict in the relationship and office flirtations that crossed a line.

But while being cheated on may be seen as a universal negative, the question of what to do when your partner’s been unfaithful is a tough one.

It’s very easy to decide what to do in the abstract – drop them like a bad habit, destroy their shit, stand by your man, forgive and forget, etc – and to armchair quarterback relationship…

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