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is one of the world’s leading cable manufactures specializing in audio, video, communication and electronic cable assembly and wire harnesses for automotive, medical and industrial equipment.

In this highly competitive industry, ELKA has made its name by strong engineering support, customer-oriented services, and high performance products.

Our USB Type-C product family supports 3A and 5A current rate, and meet the maximum data transfer rate at 10Gbps.

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I/O solution has long been ELKA’s main product line, including variety of cable assemblies, such as HDMI, USB, and Display Port.

To strengthen its ability in this field, ELKA invest considerable resources in the development of OE engine embedded product lately.

Jean-Michel Jarre makes the case for why we need to bring Elka Synthex back, and opens up on his deep passion for his 3 Elka Synthexes. Watch video The Elka Synthex is one of the most sought-after synthesisers out there.

With careful sound design and innovative build, it’s a true musical instrument that’s stood the test of time.

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