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They stand in a circle (boy, girl, boy, girl) and the first person places a piece of lifesaver candy onto the toothpick in their mouth and then -WITHOUT USING THEIR HANDS- must pass it to the next persons toothpick. If the lifesaver drops, then the two people involved in trying to pass it must kiss. Keeping their right hand on the green circle, all players must now place their left hand on a blue circle.After it is dropped or after it makes it all the way around the circle then the girls must switch places with another girl to mix it up a little. All players must place their right hand on a green circle. Players continue in this fashion as they weave their way through the colorful board.“Heaven” is usually a dark coat closet or a dark bathroom.You can shorten the time to three or four minutes to keep the party going or for nervous players.If any of the red cards match any of the black cards those two people must kiss.For example if a girl turns up a red queen of hearts and a guy flips up black queen of spades those two get to kiss.

For seven minutes in heaven you’ll need to write all the players names on a slip of paper.Everyone has their own boundaries, and these games are meant for those mature enough to understand and respect that.I’ll start the list off with a classic kissing xoxo party game.This is a crazy relay race where teens are divided into boy girl couples.No hands are allowed to be used at any time in this relay race. Next, she must run the cherry over to her partner, who is waiting with a toothpick in his mouth.

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