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Twenty-year-old Sabrina Bantam said she had been dating Beau Maestas on and off for two years at the time of the attack. 22, 2003, Beau knocked on the door of her trailer at the Casa Blanca RV park and asked if "I had something sharp, scissors or a knife." She said he "was a little anxious" and he and his sister had paid 0 for drugs but were "ripped" off by someone named "Tammy" who sold them salt instead.Bantam, then 18, said she had made plans to hang out with Beau Maestas the night of the incident because he and his sister were returning to Utah the next day. Bantam said her father had studied to be a chef and she didn't think twice about asking him if she could borrow five knives for Beau Maestas to use.

No trial date has been set for Monique Maestas, who faces the same charges as her brother plus one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

Mesquite police officer Brad Swanson paused often and fought back tears as he recalled what he witnessed as the first officer on the scene, encountering a chilling scene with the two girls severely injured.

As he and Brittney's mother applied pressure to her wounds, he asked Brittney questions to keep her awake.

Bantam said Monique Maestas "stabbed the little girl after she bit" Beau.

Bantam said it was her understanding that Monique started the stabbing attack and classified Monique as "manipulative, vindictive and she manipulated Beau." Bantam said Monique told her she was "trying to hit her in the major organs, I kept trying but just kept stabbing, I should have stabbed the girl's neck but I was too scared then." Bantam said she was fearful for her life after the incident because Monique Maestas asked Beau, "What are we going to do about Sabrina?

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