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or the longest time I vowed that I would never pay for cable or satellite TV.For the first 33 years of my life, I didn't, and I got along just fine.After checking the website for special deals or discounts – the best deal that I could find on service was for 6 months of their digital starter package for .99 plus rental every month for the HD DVR cable box. After the first 6 months the pricing would revert back to .99 a month plus rental. Over the phone they offered me a similar deal to the one I had seen on the website, except they offered to throw in the HD DVR box for 1/2 price.So it would be .99 a month for 6 months for everything.Once we had decided that we were going to get cable TV, I moved into the next phase – research mode.I started saving all of the cable and satellite TV flyers that we received in the newspaper and in the mail looking for the best possible deal on cable.So we proceeded to try and find the best deal through the website, over the phone and through the online chat.

So you may be getting rebates and bonuses, but you're paying for it through higher monthly subscription prices.

She also enjoys the social aspect of watching TV by being able to talk with friends about certain shows the day after they air. I understand her reasoning for wanting to get service, so I gave in.

However, that didn't mean I wasn't going to do my best to get a great deal.

Next I tried finding a good deal or promotion on TV service through an online reseller or physical store.

A lot of them will have rebate programs available that will give you big incentives if you sign up.

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Many of those deals were much better than anything I had been able to find online or in the newspaper.

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