Gemini male dating libra female

They'll talk for hours and the Libra man will use his charm and harmonious approach to get his Gemini woman on the same page as him when things get serious.Sexually, this will be a light hearted and fun relationship. A rock concert or opera, especially with back-stage passes; the latest stage play, or the newest club in town are all good choices.Libra Woman and Gemini Man can talk for hours and find virtue in keeping things light and carefree.Nevertheless, if either is put in touch with their emotions they WILL have to take care.

In a relationship, the Libra man looks for an intellectual and emotional match.Libras are enchanting, want to be pampered, and a pedestal would be nice.Libra women are masters at the art of seduction, and won't listen to any criticism from her Gemini lover.The only potential problem in this relationship is that the Gemini woman is constantly changing her mind.Since the Libra man only wants to do whatever his lady wants, he simply can't keep up and can become mentally exhausted from his balancing efforts.

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