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The robot is set-up using “best practices” of the pickup artist world, Casanova is smart, witty, and confident.

Like the ring of power, Casanova is imbued with the ideals and beliefs of it’s creators as well as tactics outlined by successful Tinder pickup artists such as Tinder uses Facebook to authenticate users so that many people can’t simply create fake profiles to increase their chances of getting matches.

The robot, created through a combination of php and python code, takes the complication of online dating out and simply gives the user results.

Most Tinder users are aware that any online interaction is usually impersonal and talking with someone through a dating app is usually the fastest way to waste your time not getting to know the person.

Since the start of online dating programmers and hackers have been finding ways to increase their chances of online success using black hat methods.

Whether it’s something as simple as using a picture overlaid with a fake “hot match of the day” logo on Tinder or something as complicated as hacking Ok Cupid with a super-computer at Harvard, computer programmers (both men and women) have been eager to use the vastness of the online dating world to automate their agendas.

Adventurous: Does she like to travel, get into trouble, or stay up late? So, let’s say that the match has the following personality: Humorous: 30%Adventurous: 10%Sexual: 20%Romantic: 40%Alpha: 0%The robot may pick a line such as: ““.It uses keywords to then add a secondary line (often connected to the first). So, your match may say something like, “I’m not going to give my number out so quickly, you need to earn it.” In this case Casanova may say something like, “Well, I don’t check this app often it’s too distracting with all these thirsty girls but I wouldn’t mind being distracted by just you.” Each line follows the guidelines of the girls’ personalities so a more adventurous version of the same response may be, “Well, I’m actually a spy working for the CIA and I prefer using a secure line for communication.” Each response is meant to evoke more conversation, making it easy for the end-user to continue talking on his own.So, if the line above worked and the girl responded with a positive “Lol, you’re funny” or “Me too 🙁 We should do something about it.” (actual responses) Then it may respond with, “I’m funnier in person, you should give me your number so we can meet up.” or “Let’s have some coffee and we’ll make a plan. Once the number is procured, the robot stops responding and lets the user step in to set up the time and location of the date.His strength as a staff developer comes from his previous entrepreneurial successes with Students4Students Education, a company that provides after-school classes where students can learn to code from Part Pixel employees as well as a multitude of other STEM courses.These guys are awesome, they are like the freaking gods of the web design world.

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