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But now, she enjoys watching her adopted daughter Zahara, 13, do just that with her friends.'I buy a lot, especially for Z [Zahara].She went through a period of trying different things, but she's pretty natural.'I also see myself aging, and I love it because it means I'm alive—I'm living and getting older.'Don't love having a random dark spot from a pregnancy, sure. But what I see that I like isn't about a structure or an appearance. I see my age.'Things have certainly changed for Angelina, who admitted to rebelliously using a sharpie to dye her hair as a teenager.'I was a bit of a tomboy. Nowadays it's very popular to dye your hair blue, for example.In my day you bleached it and used a Sharpie.'As a girl, Angelina says she was never one to play with makeup.Angelina Jolie seems to have a new distraction in her life.The 42-year-old Oscar-winning actress has been dating a real estate agent, according to a Monday report from Entertainment Tonight.

Jolie's real estate agent has been described as 'handsome' and 'older looking.' And it was also noted that he 'isn't a celebrity or high profile in any way.'That rules out the men on Million Dollar Listing.

On Saturday in Los Angeles, the two were spotted rocking identical light denim with silver sequin patches while shopping at a local Whole Foods.

This comes just days after the 20-year-old and her boyfriend brought home a new puppy and named it Tampon.

The source added: 'Dating hasn't been a priority because Brad wants to spend more time with the children. Brad has been spending a lot of time learning to play guitar and hanging with musician friends." In the meantime, Jolie has been seen out often with her kids.

On Monday the Mr And Mrs Smith actress was seen snacking on a salty pretzel as she spent quality time with two of her six kids, daughters Vivienne and Zahara, who opted for frozen desserts, on trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

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'He invites his dates over to his house and never takes women out in public.

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