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There is an incredibly broad “grey area” here, ranging from street prostitutes and brothel girls, to bar and hostess workers, and on down the line to girls who hang around clubs and guesthouses looking for a traveller who will economically support them and their extended family.

Cambodian Women Cambodian women are generally disappointing.

After so much hardship, it seems that the entire society is living day-to-day, only concerned about their immediate survival… As a foreigner used to women who have personalities and individual thoughts, it can seem like Khmer girls don’t.

For those interested in marriage, Cambodia is a country where a foreign man, enjoying his relatively high social status, can easily have a marriage arranged for him with a beautiful young woman.

Women should wear long pants and shirts that cover their shoulders.

Cambodians women don’t even wear bikinis on the beach, preferring to swim in shorts and tee-shirts or even long pants.

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