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His brother, Ziad, told AFP that the body rejected the bid because the required paperwork was out of date."We are looking into the possibility of appealing," said the detainee's lawyer, Antoine Abou Dib.Competition is expected to be fierce in several areas, including one district in Beirut where 117 people are running for 11 seats.Candidates have paid eight million Lebanese pounds (more than ,000) to register.Zakka was convicted in October 2016 in Iran on charges of "spying" for the United States, where he was a permanent resident.A sudden late snow is falling, bright with just a touch of magic, as the automatic gate to Aberlash House opens.“Internationally Acclaimed Barrister Amal Alamuddin Marries an Actor,” went one version of a popular headline gag. “So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime-achievement award.” Nobody in the audience seemed to laugh more joyfully than George.

A softly faded Persian rug extends down the stone corridor.

By then, though, she had already built a notable career as a London barrister in international human rights law—the system through which some of the world’s slipperiest transnational villains, such as ISIS, can be held accountable in court.

“I remember all the stages in my career where I almost didn’t have enough confidence to try for something,” she says, “almost didn’t have the guts to follow something I was excited about doing, because I didn’t know anyone else who’d done it or other people made me question it.” Recently she’s tried to help young women approach similarly unconventional paths in law.“What distinguishes a really great barrister in international-law practice is ,” explains Geoffrey Robertson, a cofounder of Doughty Street Chambers, the firm where Clooney works, and one of the giants of the field.

Last June, Amal gave birth to twins, Ella and Alexander, and since then the house—much like the Clooneys themselves—has grown giddy with the trappings of first parenthood. I’ve spent the morning interviewing members of her family, but it’s when I meet her that I learn—and this is why she feels we know each other—that she also subsequently interviewed them about me: a barrister’s instinct for discovery, the better to respond by knowing how things stand.

Many people first encountered Amal Clooney in 2014, on her engagement to George.

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It replaces the existing plurality voting system with proportional representation and reduces the number of electoral districts to 15.

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