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The effort is to convince you of their domestic control over these United States and by extension, Canada, and if the North American Union materializes, Mexico.

There is no threat to your gold and silver ownership remotely as severe as that presented by The Pilgrims Society of the United States, based in New York City!

Still, I will own tradition, race, and diverse languages acted against his dream; all these do not exist as to the present English speaking world, and apart from this union is THE SACRED DUTY OF TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STILL UNCIVILIZED PARTS OF THE WORLD.

"The seizure of the wealth necessary" means many particulars, the first World War; Britain’s attack on the world’s silver money system, starting in India in 1926 with the decision of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency; the Crash of 1929, facilitated by Federal Reserve policies; the Great Depression, caused by Britain’s attack on silver; Britain’s attack on gold in September 1931, exacerbating the depression; seizing gold from American citizens in March 1933, and seizing silver in August 1934 to the extent of 113,031,000 silver ounces; driving China off its silver standard as of November 3, 1935 through the Silver Purchase Act of 1934; FDR’s socialist federal agencies; the second World War; the founding of the United Nations; the Korean war; the ending of silver coinage by the mid 1960’s; the Vietnam war and its war manufacturers windfalls; and all the ensuing major financial dislocations since that time to the crushing of the Hunt/Arab silver play in January 1980; to today’s mortgage crisis; forcing the middle class into apartments (feudalism); exportation of industry and jobs; reduced standard of living; Food and Drug Administration tyranny; the anticipation of hyperinflation; and concerns over a potential Federal nationalization of precious metals!THIS MEPHISTOPHELES AND HIS ASSOCIATES AND SUCCESSORS MUST BE STOPPED FROM USING THE PRESIDENT TO SEIZE SILVER AND GOLD!Ted Butler, the most widely followed silver commentator, has often said to buy and hold physical, because that puts you beyond COMEX rule changes. However, there remains an immeasurably more insidious, far reaching entity that can change rules---Uncle Sam, and he’s tightly in the grasp of the same forces who’ve depressed silver for generations.That includes all of South America, with its silver producing belts!This presentation won’t try to convince the reader that their global reach is still an influence that will override all others, such as China and Russia.

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This however will probably soon be rectified by his executors, who have absolutely unrestricted ownership of the residue, which probably amounts to a moiety of the estate. Rhodes was amenable to my suggestion about the American extension of his scholarship BECAUSE IT SO THOROUGHLY JUMPED WITH HIS OWN IDEAS. I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL DO THE GOVERNING OF THE NATIONS IN THE YEARS THAT ARE TO COME."(President Bill Clinton, Pilgrims Society, is a Rhodes Scholar; Byron White, a Supreme Court Justice 1962-1993, was a Rhodes Scholar; Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pilgrims Society, was a Rhodes Scholar---see "Paper Money Mobster Speaks," Archives of Silver Investor.

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