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More and more people began publishing their own weblogs. Suddenly it became difficult to read every weblog every day, or even to keep track of all the new ones that were appearing.

Cameron's list grew so large that he began including only weblogs he actually followed himself. In early 1999 Brigitte Eaton compiled a list of every weblog she knew about and created the Eatonweb Portal.

Full-blown conversations were carried on between three or five blogs, each referencing the other in their agreement or rebuttal of the other's positions.

But this type of weblog is important for another reason, I think.

In Douglas Rushkoff's , Greg Ruggiero of the Immediast Underground is quoted as saying, "Media is a corporate possession... Bringing that into the foreground is the first step.

Weblog editors sometimes contextualize an article by juxtaposing it with an article on a related subject; each article, considered in the light of the other, may take on additional meaning, or even draw the reader to conclusions contrary to the implicit aim of each.

It would be too much to call this type of weblog "independent media," but clearly their editors, engaged in seeking out and evaluating the "facts" that are presented to us each day, resemble the public that Ruggiero speaks of.

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