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Evolutionists declare this process has been taking place through "natural selection" and "mutation", which leaves behind in its wake, the old models, so to say, which are replaced by higher forms of life.

Although Evolution cannot be seen happening today, this they say can be observed in the fossil record.

Another thing that is strangely missing from these displays are all the intermediate creatures that should exist (if Evolution is true) between invertebrates and vertebrates, fish and amphibians, the amphibians and reptiles, reptiles and the birds and mammals, and of course, monkeys and man.

In the gaps between all these taxonomies, should we not see thousands of intermediate creatures that have gradually changed from one species into another as Evolution claims?

At the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta Canada they still use this same philosophy to “prove” Evolution with models of fish in the water and then an Amphibian on dry land with his tail in the water.

I pointed out to the curator that all I saw in their display was a fish (which exist today) and an amphibian (which exists today), one in the water, one on dry land. What was missing were all the transitional creatures that are supposed to be in between but have not been found after centuries of digging. The curator humbly agreed that this was a poor representation.

It was found to be a fully functional fish type creature that forgot to evolve.“ By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6).Furthermore, Evolution starts with dead matter, and dead matter has never been observed coming to life.39), that exploded (“ Big Bang”) 15 billion years ago.In this article it is our hope that the readers will find that the mindless processes that are alleged to take place in and through Evolution are nothing more than a fantasy that has been thought out by men (and inspired by the devil) who have rejected the Bible and the one and only true God of Creation.

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