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"While I would agree that Ibiki is far more intimidating than Kakashi, Kakashi would probably manage to piss them off and get them to lose their composure more easily, thus narrowing the candidates down.After all, all it takes is one idiot with an 'I'll never give up!Proctors don't necessarily have a very large speaking role, especially for the tournament part of the exam, but in life or death situations the match has to be called quickly and if he's suffering from a coughing fit someone might die.""That would make us look really stupid," Kakashi decided. I'm feeling kind of left out…""You lost your opportunity to proctor when you entered your kids into the exam," Anko told him."Besides, the only part left would be if there were to be a preliminary round and you wanted to do that instead of Obito or the written exam part, but Ibiki really is the best choice for that.""I don't know," Obito said thoughtfully.' speech to get through Ibiki's final test and that wouldn't really work with the 'deal with Kakashi's eccentricities' final test.""True…" Anko agreed.

This is easy to do to The Lost Lenore, since she's not around to contradict an idealized version of her.

" Sakura asked skeptically."Your faith is truly touching," Sasuke said sarcastically. "You brought over a dozen.""But-but I might need those to fortify me in between exams," Choji protested."If you try and eat Akamaru, he could very well try and eat you back," Kiba warned."Can you all try acting like you're five? "If I don't pass by five, I'm just going to resign myself to being a failure who can't beat a bunch of twelve and thirteen-year-olds and quit.""It's not all bad," Kabuto insisted.

"As to the fight…I would, really, but I don't think anyone here needs a preview of my skills and unless you make it to the inevitable one-on-one portion of the exams, the simple truth is you will not be worth my time.""Oh, I'll be there," Lee said determinedly."Are you planning on getting off anytime soon? "Her fangirlism was never near as obnoxious as watching the competent Kunoichi who helped Naruto convince me to come back to Konoha revert to a silly little girl who would break her most important bonds for the sake of a pretty boy.""Yeah, well…thanks for not letting me," Sakura said, a little embarrassed."So you're not a fangirl anymore? No, I outgrew that quite a while ago," Sakura explained."GOOD," Tenten said vehemently. " Neji asked, standing as far apart from the group as he could without being rude."I agree," Kabuto said, approaching them. "I know quite a bit about the exam and have ninja info cards on everyone here.""How would your retaking the exam repeatedly help you get information on the people who are just now taking it for the first time?

""Thankfully Naruto and Sasuke have long-since convinced me otherwise," Sakura said smoothly. "It would not end well for you.""Sakura used to like that boy? "Then I shall challenge him to a fight in order to prove that I am a worthy competitor for her heart! Quite a few people were glaring at them."Those guys behind you are from Amegakure. "And if they start a fight they'll just get thrown out of the exams. "You know, you're right; he does smell like snake.""I do? "That's strange.""I don't like snakes," Naruto told him.

""You'll do that by beating up my teammate before the Chuunin Exam starts? ""Just eat one of your boxed lunches," Shikamaru advised him. I don't see any reason to keep it down.""Hey, Kiba, is it just me or does this guy smell like snake? "Snakes remind me of vampires and vampires are evil.""So is this your first time, too? "No offense, but you look quite a bit older than us…""Oh, no, actually this is my seventh time," Kabuto told them, looking a little sheepish.", you suck," Kiba said bluntly.

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" Minato asked his son the morning of the Chuunin Exams."It doesn't matter if I wanted to or not," Naruto said grimly. "I've got Sakura and Sasuke with me and we're going to kick ass.""Is that so? "You've always been good at tests.""Thanks," Sakura beamed, heading for the door. " Sasuke asked rhetorically."People have to stop asking that," Itachi said, shaking his head ruefully. In fact, I'm sure you'll do just fine.""Then why do you think I should be nervous? " Itachi reminded his little brother."You still won," Sasuke pointed out."True, but even if you don't you could still make Chuunin.

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