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I'm not interested in listening to a sales pitch for 30 minutes.But Rachael is adamant that what she is doing is necessary.Rachael: Just to let you know, there is a short survey to express your views and thoughts on the service you've received today.This can be completed by clicking the 'End Chat'� button after you come to the end of this chat with me.If you have an offer in mind now I'm happy for you to discuss it here, if not I would like to go ahead with the cancellation please.Rachael: So it is not about a sales pitch, but I can not just give you an offer without discussing your account.She replies: 'This is what I am trying to do, but you keep insisting that you want to remove your service without allowing me to discuss it.'Mr Hackwood (pictured left and right with wife Sian) had told Rachael from the outset that he had no interest in staying with the company after finding a cheaper deal with rivals Virgin, which would save him £23 a month'I have made you aware I wish to cancel which is all I am obliged to do under the terms and conditions of the contract with Sky.

If for any reason, this chat ends before we finish our conversation today, any changes we discuss that have not been confirmed will not be updated on your account.I can also see that you have been with Sky on and off for 3 1/2 years so I would like to say thank-you for your continued service.Rachael: Ok Gavin, you have made the saving clear as the reason to why you are moving over.I need to go through some questions about your subscription to make sure that I am giving you the best package possible, before I can look at the overall price, because you are clearly happy to lose some channels to be able to take it over to Virgin, so we need to have a look at the channels that you have tried to keep with Virgin so that we can give you the closest package to that and then look and see what I can do with the cost.Rachael: I am unable to process a cancellation on your account, until I have gone through your package with you to make sure that there is nothing that I can do to help, before making any changes to your account.

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