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But really, when you look at them, these spells are not so much different as they are similar.

Modern folks have taken to calling the whole family of sweetener spells "honey jar" and "sugar bowl" spells, placing an emphasis on the fact that many of them are worked in closed containers (jars and bowls), but in the oldest version of these spells that i know, there is actually no jar or bowl, just a plain white tea cup saucer or coffee cup saucer in the center of which you burn a candle on the person's name, dressed with hoodoo oils and surrounded by a poured-out ring of pancake syrup, honey, or molasses.

You will need: a jar of sweetener (see below) a piece of paper (see below) a pen or pencil optional herbs, curios, and/or bodily concerns (see below) a candle (choose the appropriate colour at the candle magic page) an all-purpose candle-dressing conjure oil such as Special Oil No.

20 or a specific condition oil such as Kiss Me Now, Return To Me, Court Case, Crown of Success, or whatever expresses your wish and suits your needs. This can be honey, Karo Syrup, Crystal Syrup, Dixie Syrup, home-made brown sugar syrup, Log Cabin Syrup, Vermont maple syrup, Bre'r Rabbit Blackstrap Molasses, jam, jelly, or whatever you desire or have on hand -- as long as it is in a container with a metal lid.

You can buy the goods in a quart or pint-size glass Mason jar or pour the sweetening of your choice into a smaller jar of your own at home.

Sweetening spells are employed in hoodoo and many other types of worldwide folk magic when you want someone to be sweet to you, that is -- to favour you, like you, hire you, love you, marry you, stay with you, return to you, reconcile with you, give you a written recommendation, give testimony in your favour, decide a legal issue in your favour over another, make a generous financial settlement in your favour, favour your family members over the members of other families, give you a raise, give you time off, give you paid leave, speak kindly to you at a family gathering, treat you kindly in public, stop talking behind you, cease from anger against you, cease from all wrath, cease from verbal abuse, cease from physical abuse, and so forth.

The sweeteners used in these spells vary by historical era, region of the country, commercial or home-made availability, family traditions, local traditions, and intuitive decisions.

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