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When you’re getting to know a guy you like for the first time, you want to have some interesting questions to ask him– so that you can learn more about him and he can learn more about you.Plus – when you ask him the right questions, you’ll find out pretty quickly whether he’s someone you should really be letting yourself like, or whether he’s not the right guy for you .If he’s all about staying in and watching movies together, while you’re more of a go out and have a really nice dinner sort of gal, maybe it’s not meant to work out between you. But if he is, he’ll love the opportunity to talk about something he’s truly passionate about.This question gives you a glimpse of what your guy is really afraid of, and tells you more of the backstory behind why he is the person he is. This is another question that gives your guy a chance to talk about something that’s really important to him – something he considers a core part of his being.There's nothing more attractive to you than a masculine, no-nonsense guy, which is why you'd totally fall for Khal Drogo.You want your other half to be intimidating, powerful, and self-assured, and you secretly love the challenge of breaking down his walls.Not only does this let you know whether he’s a romantic or not – it also gets him thinking about what it would be like to date you, and what it would be like to have been in a relationship with you for a year.

So with that in mind, here are 20 amazing, cute questions to ask that one guy: Asking him this question is a great idea because you’ll be able to find out if you’ve got any passions in common with him that you can share and do together. This thought provoking and dare I say intimate question gets your guy immediately thinking about whether he’s intimate with you – and also gets him to reveal how he thinks about romance and intimacy (1).You might make him blush – and you’ll This is a subtle way of letting him know that you’re interested – and that you want to spend more time with him. It lets you know what kind of person he is, and what he’s accomplished in his life.OK – on the cuteness scale, this is about a 10 (unless he says no). You find out more about his preferences – so you know what to surprise him with if you ever get him food! This lets him know you care about the people that he loves, and it gives you a good idea of how he treats his family, how they treat him, and what he thinks a family should be like.You like a partner who leads the way, and you've been known to fall for the ambitious, unapologetic bad boy a time or 12. Daario would be the one to capture your attention, because you can't help but love the guy who steals the limelight. Why bother with a bad boy when you can be with a guy who's sweet, kind, and caring?You're into brave, fearless types who go after what they want, and you're all about the guys who show — rather than say — how they feel about you. You're into people who are loyal, loving, and big-hearted, and you appreciate feeling as though there's someone who's looking after you.

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You're into the handsome, quiet type — the harder to read, the better — and you want to be with a person who challenges you every day. Robb Stark would be your ideal plus-one, because not only will he fight for you, but he'll also announce to the world that you're the only one for him.

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